Swiss Inline Pro

Price: $15


The Swiss Inline Pro package contains over 80 drills and tactical files to work on basic to advanced skills needed to compete on a very high level. It covers pre-game warm-up drills which can also be used as half rink passing/skating drills for smaller groups, small area and full area skill drills as well as full ice flow drills. The second part of this package focuses on Inline Hockey specific tactics and strategies. It explains many aspects of advanced team system plays such as break-outs, forechecking, second waves, boxplay, powerplay, face-off, 2on2 offense and defense aspects as well as some odd-man rush strategies. These system files are inspired from many years of Michael’s experiences coaching on an international level (World Championships, European Championships, World Games, Statewars, Narch) where he was coaching junior and senior national teams.


PRO, SEMIPRO, 17-20, 15-16


82 animations, 0 videos, 0 pictures

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